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The perfect package to get your toes wet. Dive into Spotify.
$ 80 2 week Campaign
  • 10,000 - 12,000 organic streams guaranteed
  • 100% organic growth
  • Lightning-fast communication

Rising Artist

It's time to step up as a Rising Artist!
$ 280 1 month campaign
  • 80,000 - 100,000 organic streams guaranteed
  • 100% organic growth
  • Lightning-fast communication


So you are serious? The right package for the ambitious artist.
$ 380 1.5 month campaign
  • 150,000 - 160,000 organic streams guaranteed ​
  • 100% organic growth​
  • Lightning-fast communication​


Let's aim for the charts with our Megastar package!
$ 700 2 month campaign
  • 280,000 - 300,000 organic streams guaranteed ​​
  • 100% organic growth​​
  • Lightning-fast communication​​

We are Trustpilot's #1 ranked company for "Music Management and Promotion"

Is your service legit?

Initiators Media is dedicated to nurturing real fan engagement. Delivering legitimate streams is very important to us.

How do I see growth from a campaign?

To view how many streams your song has generated through Facebook Ads/ Playlist in your Spotify Artist account.

My song is not getting enough streams.

If your song is not getting enough streams please send the campaign manager an email with a screenshot of your Spotify for Artists stats and we will do our best to fix this issue.
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